Who Is Rosemond Vineyards?

Hello, my name is Valerie Settles and I am the proud owner of Rosemond Vineyards, LLC. I was born in Springfield, MA, and have been living in Virginia since 1999. For more than twenty years, I have been working as a bankruptcy paralegal and recently as an assistant to a bankruptcy trustee. In 2018, I attended courses at a local winery and developed a passion for winemaking. Initially, I experimented with creating wines as a hobby, using my family and friends as taste testers. They enjoyed it, so I decided to pursue it more seriously. After conducting research and consulting with my mentor from Bacchus Winery, I decided to find a physical location to refine my craft. It was a tough journey, but it was worth it.

Winemaking is a challenging craft, but I am ready for the challenge. My ultimate goal is to own a wine truck, produce exceptional wines, and create a relaxing atmosphere where people can come together and enjoy great wine.